Intelligent Telemarketing

Increase your marketing and sales performance with results-driven B2B telemarketing services from FBi. With over 25 year's expertise, FBi are the informed choice for outbound B2B technology marketing. We deliver targeted, highly effective campaigns for:

  • Lead generation
  • Account profiling
  • Appointment setting
  • Database enrichment and cleansing
  • Market evaluation with - Needs based discovery

Noted for high quality, well-validated appointments, FBi are the partner of choice for leading technology solutions providers.


How we go about it

Generating sales-ready leads that drop into the pipeline and create that all-important ROI begins with a deep-dive into the value your customers get out of your solution. What key customer pains does it alleviate, what are the biggest obstacles to success? Why would they choose you over your competitors?


Acquire the Right Audience

Accurate data is the life-blood of any successful campaign. Critical is the ability to understand who your prime contacts are and who has a live project. With leading-edge technologies this is even more vital as new job roles arise constantly to deal with emerging challenges.

Our data experts begin by analysing data, researching the right watering holes, building content that can pull in target customers to your proposition to create a core data source - or we can work with your own database.


Develop Core Messages

We dig deep into your core value proposition for each job role you wish to address, each industry you want to broach, each aspect of your solution you want to highlight.

We don't use scripts as we get under the skin of your offering so we can trace contacts back to the core decision-maker with the greatest need.


Human Engagement

With so much focus on Inbound Marketing and Marketing Automation, it shouldn't be forgotten that those initial leads still needs someone to convert them to qualified opportunities.

Every day we talk to the movers and shakers in technology to maintain the human engagement essential to building your brand. We combine this dialogue with personalised content to expedite the demand generation process.


Monetize all Opportunities

We nurture customers until they are ready to engage, converting interested prospects into real revenue opportunities for the sales team.

By managing the whole process we ensure each lead gets passed across to the right person or partner at the right time and that no opportunity gets left behind.