Sales Training

Maximise the Value of your In-house Resource

Telemarketing teams can get stale, sales approaches can become repetitive and outdated. When pipeline progression slows and sales targets get missed, reinvigoration becomes essential. At FBi, we offer training and mentorship across the full range of telemarketing and sales proficiency. In a tough market we undercover the blockages, inject new vigour and keep sales flowing.

Effective Prospecting - our most popular programme

In a world of changing technologies, greater use of IVRs, 0800 numbers, no name policies, along with saturating telemarketing - effective prospecting is a specialist skill.

Overcoming layers of objections, bypassing gatekeepers, getting through to key decision makers to engage them in meaningful dialogue is a rare skill. Effective prospecting is an essential tool for in-house telemarketing teams or front-line sales. We provide innovative workshops to impart proven skill-sets that boost penetration and appointment levels.

"The perception and perspective that FBI bring to bear on the sales and prospecting process is extraordinary. It is invaluable in not only boosting existing sales staff effectiveness but is especially useful in setting correct cold-calling standards for inside sales teams."

Myles Rose, Commercial Director EMEA - ResponseTek

Sales Training

Learning & Development Mentorship

We also offer bespoke telemarketing and sales mentorship which assesses skills competency, detects key strengths and weaknesses and provides individual guidance and development. Ideal for 1-on-1 development or small team proficiency building, FBi Learning & Development programmes are tailored to the individual or company.

Gaining Credibility at Executive Level

High value propositions need executive buy-in. All too often sales get stuck at operational levels. This two-day workshop has been specifically designed for senior sales and key account managers to help create, maintain and leverage relationships at the executive level. It will help understand the business drivers from the executive point of view; comprehend the real decision making process, expand the business relationship and increase the win rate.

"Recently we carried out a benchmarking exercise to measure our in-house call centre, sales team and FBi. The appointment ratio, to our surprise was - 1:9, 1:6 and 1:3 - and the quality of appointments achieved by FBi were far superior."

Senior Manager, Financial Institution